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The University of Miami Frost School of Music
Frost Young Musicians' Summer Camp

Are you an aspiring young musician in elementary or middle school seeking a summer music camp to enhance your skills? Or a high school student who wants to study with top professionals and perform with serious musicians like yourself? Wondering if the University of Miami Frost School of Music is right for you? Our summer music camp is the ideal way to find out. Whether you play piano, guitar, drums, strings or wind instruments, or you are a vocalist, the Young Musicians' Camp at the University of Miami in Miami Florida has programs for you... classical music, jazz, rock, songwriting, composition, musical theater, and contemporary voice. Our talented and distinguished musical faculty provides group teaching, one-on-one coaching, master classes, informal jam sessions and fun camp concerts. Whether you are a South Florida student or from overseas, you are sure to grow as a musician, and have fun playing and performing with other talented young musicians.

"Be surrounded 24/7 by kids from all over
the US and other countries who share your love of music!"

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